Friday, May 23, 2008

Get well soon - the one and only male KIT ;-)

Peda, das ist einzig und allein für Dich! Wir wünschen Dir alle ganz gute und schnelle Besserung!! bald wird wieder gebretzelt...

(p.s.: der schultergurt ist super süß und super sexy!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More pics - first try with web album

stü´s good bye & michi b.´s birthday party!

kathi and sabs in town!!

kathi on a short visit in ibk before she´s leaving to Italy for her summer holdiays

sabs, also just a rare guest in ibk anymore, & silvi

karin - long time no see!

lisa, sabs, karo (just came back from a short business trip to Norways) & silvi

kathi, franz & karo


lisa, sabs & silvi

karo & poor sick lisa

lovely couple karo & peda: love is in the air...

... cheers to the love! ;-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

... and we still love to party!

that´s how we look like - ladies! silvi & diana

two more ladies: nina & lisa

mr beer und the baroness

sushine JB, miss vodka and hippie bride

quack quack quack

JB & Mag.lex (congrats & thanks for getting shitfaced...)

my girl wants to party all the time...

gentlemen :-)

from blue steel...

... to no steel!

back on track

after it got pretty quiet about the kit-girls, i would say it´s time to re-start the bloggin with tight gossip... no news doesnt mean we got quiet! hell NOOOOOO ... hehe

OK let´s see what´s worth telling you guys: Vani is back on shred after a one year break because of a very bad back injury... and she´s still killing it! I had the pleasure to go riding with her at Dachstein glacier last week. It was so great to see her again and even better to go ride with her!! Basa came all the way down there as well. I haven´t seen her for a quite long time either... So there was a lot to chat about.

still keeping it tight,